Daring to say the unsayable? Calm down? No. Schumacher (who I note is given "featured comment" status, so far from being 'no-platformed' at Dezeen) is saying the most conventional, sayable things that have been said since Ayn Rand and have proven to be a recipe for massive inequality, poverty and poor social mobility in every state that has adopted them. His ideas only seem bold because they are so morally bankrupt it is a shock to hear someone with intelligence saying them.

In fact and effect, his ideas are regressive, and are a cover for the corruption and nepotism of the elites who caused the 2008 crash, which in the UK has justified austerity and the subsequent deaths of thousands of disabled people, the loss of steady jobs and the flattening of incomes.

Nothing to be calm about. We should all be very very angry, and I'm glad to read so many are.