I'd like to share my many thoughts on this matter.

My parents, my two brothers and I moved to the US from Korea with nothing.
My father never went to middle school. He was terrible with money, but to his credit he was always very hardworking and never complained about work. He worked in construction.

While I think my parents understood the importance of education, they did not push it on us growing up. They were abusive, dysfunctional, third-world people. My oldest brother often grasped things very quickly and basically raised my other brother and myself. My father had this genetic material, but the circumstances of his childhood did not allow the right opportunities for him. He lived a hard life. For him, he wanted to leave Korea, because all the terrible shit in his life happened to him there, I don't blame him for wanting to move to America.

By my eldest brother's gifted intelligence and force of will, we've become productive, effective members of society. He is the patriarch of our family. He became a surgeon, my other brother a dentist. They will die rich and accomplished men, by the fruit of their efforts and thanks to the opportunities provided by America and her people.

I'm currently living a freelance lifestyle in our native homeland. I love it here. You might say I've self-deported from the America I grew up in and still love. Korea became a Republic in 1948, suffered a devastating war in which my father grew up. Now a region the size of Indiana boasts the 12th largest economy in the world, a glorious specimen of modern capitalism like our Japanese brothers across the sea. You do not see this happening in Haiti or other African countries, and Korea was just as poor after the war.

Korea and Japan enjoy the benefits of capitalism and enterprise, but we owe that primarily to the West, alongside the West's technological contributions to humanity. Also, Western philosophy, including principles of private property, personal liberty, universality, ideas of limited government, an attitude of questioning your elders... throughout human history, we find these in Western Civilization. From the Anglo-Saxons. From the Americans. To their detriment, Asian cultures are not known for questioning authority or the family or tribe.

I love America. I miss it. For every bully that picked on me cause I was Asian, most people, especially whites, treated me fairly and judged me by my actions and character. Nobody oppressed me or kept me down in my life but maybe my parents and my own nihilistic r-selected characteristics that I work hard to purge out of heart, mind, body and soul.

I was never oppressed by Americans. If anything, I've been empowered with American individualism and the mere fact that I learned English is what enables me to live a comfortable life here in Korea. I am grateful for the Founding Fathers, what they fought for, what great thinkers and warriors the West has produced that people of all colors enjoy today. (Well, despite one of the greatest forces of evil known to mankind known as the U.S. Federal Government and the wars of the 20th century, but I don't waste time blaming white people collectively as a whole.)

TL;DR God bless America and all its whiteness and freedom.

Also, stop Asian immigration, because for some reason these otherwise conservative fucking gooks and chinks are voting Democrat and that needs to fucking stop.