Both the Charlotte and Milwaukee riots were sparked by black police officers shooting armed black suspects. Despite both incidents being black-on-black, scores of black people in both cities almost instantly proclaimed their hatred for white people and began attacking white motorists. It shows that alleged police brutality may be the spark for these most recent riots, but the underlying issue is a palpable white hatred in a significant portion of the black community. This hatred hasn't lessened despite a half century of concessions, preferences, and investment; and this hatred will never lessen because: (1) black people will always trail other groups and rather than look inward and face uncomfortable truths, black people will endlessly blame outward; and (2) many black people continue to raise their children to believe in the white boogeyman who is out to get them. The prevailing American narrative is that little has changed since the 1950s. America and white people are assailed as allegedly being just as racist as ever.

Anyone, if they're honest, should be able to recognize that the marriage between the two races will never be stable. Full integration is only several decades old. It's a relative blip in the relations between the races. If a newly married couple were hitting and screaming at each other during the first week of marriage, what are the odds that marriage will be happy and successful over the long haul? The relationship seems so unworkable due to personality differences, and so unfixable due to water under the bridge and stark differences between the two groups that every respectable relationship counselor would suggest a divorce if this was a marriage. Why is that suggestion beyond the pale in the marriage of the races?

If, in order to address his temper, a husband went to anger management for decades to such a degree that he's now completely docile and buys his wife gifts everyday yet the wife continues to act like and tell people that her husband is an unbearable monster, what's the incentive for the man to continue attending anger management and buying gifts? If the husband is truly such an unbearable monster then why is the wife sticking around decade after decade? Why should a divorce be considered unimaginable?

There is nothing morally or intellectually wrong with segregation for those who desire it. Divide America. Keep an integrated section for those who desire it. Give blacks who want their own sovereignty their own land, and give whites who want to be left alone their own section. Problem solved.