Yes, if I had to rate the CCCS program that I used, I would give it a B+. Everything happened (negotiations with my creditors, disbursement of my funds) exactly as they said. And as I said, I was always treated extremely respectfully. The attitude of most people who I dealt with there was, "It happens to the best of us. Let's get started taking care of it."

The B+ (instead of A) rating is just because at times their advise seemed just slightly generic. They didn't seem to take into account my age (I was under 30) or education levels (master's degree) or housing status (lived with my parents) when giving me financial advise. I guess to me it seemed important to put a huge part of my income to paying down the debt; they felt I should grow some savings.

But then, for $25 a month, they couldn't possibly become personal financial advisors for every client. And that's not their mission either.